Who We Are


At Collins Building Services, Inc., we understand that exceptional service begins at the top. It has been recognized that few executive teams in the industry can compare with our record of success and longevity.

Eighty percent of the CBS Management and Executive teams have risen through the service industry ranks. This provides our clients with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and experience in all aspects of our business.

This service-practiced team is complimented by individuals who have earned careers in other industries. This complimentary approach to leadership has produced a focused and diverse set of business professionals to manage and enhance every facility we serve.
Because of decades of experience with our local Unions as both members and management, our team brings a valuable balance to our trusted relationships with facility owners, property managers, and union leaders.

The Collins Building Services, Inc. leadership team has devoted much of their professional lives to the CBS purpose of bringing only the best to our endeavors. From the most senior executive level, we are there for our clients every day under any conditions. That is the center of CBS Excellence.

Joseph K. Collins

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Joe Collins founded Collins Building Services, Inc. as his vision of the ideal service organization. At its center is restoring and maintaining the personal attention to each client. He has worked every day of his career to maintain that ideal. After 30 years at the helm, Joe chose to focus on his roles as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. With full support from the Board of Directors and the founders, Joe passed along his role as President to his son, Kenneth J. Collins, adding to the breadth and reach of the Executive team and beginning a new chapter of CBS Excellence.

Kenneth J. Collins


In 2017, Ken Collins was appointed President of Collins Building Services, a role he had been preparing for since his first recollections of industry talk at the kitchen table, working as a porter back in the day, and through a career with the Marriot Corporation. Holding dual positions as Vice President and Assistant to the President from 2008 to 2017, Ken assisted with corporate strategic planning and led several infrastructure teams and efforts through restructuring and improvement, including: Accounting, IT Services, Administration and the continuing Policy and Procedure Integration. Ken began his CBS career in 1993 as an Account Executive, and what he has learned informs his drive and decisions as President. His contribution ensures another generation will be championing the founding vision onward.

Andrés Sardiñas

Executive Vice President

Andrés Sardiñas is held in the highest regard throughout the Building Services industry and the Real Estate community. His expert Operations delivery and performance model is the backbone of CBS Excellence and the model for all other divisions of Collins Building Services, Inc. Andrés has served as Executive Vice President since the beginning of CBS in 1988. In this role he has masterly led company-wide service operations, labor management, union relations, training, quality control and procurement. In addition, he has overseen all aspects and departments of the organization.

George E. Lewis, Jr.

Senior Vice President

George Lewis brings more than 40 years of industry experience to his role as Senior Vice President. With his focus on business relationship development, he consistently has conceived and customized innovative solutions for our CBS clients. These solutions have forecasted market trends, anticipated specialized needs and captured real dollar savings for the facilities we serve. Her has accomplished all this while keeping the founding principle of the personal attention to our accounts, paramount. Through the decades, George’s foresight and leadership, has grown the CBS portfolio well beyond the original commercial real estate scope and to include medical, technical, educational, retail, entertainment and financial facilities throughout the region.

Maria N. Alvarez

Corporate Treasurer

Maria Alvarez is one of the seven original founding members of Collins Building Services, Inc. Her over 30 years of dedicated service to CBS has allowed her to serve in increasingly more responsible accounting roles, culminating in her earning the position of Corporate Treasurer. In this role Maria oversees all functions of accounting and financial reporting, as well as Federal, State, banking and other compliance oversight. In 2010, with the untimely passing of the CFO, it was Maria who lead the dedicated efforts to carry the company into the future. She was then and continues to be a bastion of the vision and culture that is CBS.

Robert A. Sardiñas

Senior Vice President, Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Robert Sardiñas leads the management and production of all the daily maintenance services provided by our over 3,600 CBS employees. His responsibilities extend to economic planning, field management, service development, union interaction, client relations, and quality excellence. Robert began his CBS career in 1989 as a porter and now has risen to this primary role in our company’s senior management. His career development, dedication to each client and tireless work ethic define the essence of the CBS culture.

John Lopat

Senior Vice President, Client Services

John Lopat joined Collins Building Services in 1994. His level of expertise and resourcefulness has made him the touchstone of client relations for our organization. Throughout his career with CBS, John has initiated and established strategic partnerships that have defined the company’s strength and growth. Through his unique attention to customer needs and his consistent face-to-face attention to our accounts, he has created collaborations between CBS and premier educational, commercial, financial and medical organizations across the Tri-state area. In, 2017 John was promoted to Vice President, Client Services, a role earned through dedication to the principle of personal response. By continuing to use his industry knowledge and insight he has become a consummate ally for all our clientele and a resolute example of our Executive Team.

Jason Sardiñas

Vice President, Human Resources

As an essential member of Collins Building Services for more than 14 years, Jason has truly elevated to the highest level, the CBS approach to Human Resources: the most important of all our resources. Through consistent development, improvement and advancement, he has created an environment of equality, attention and benefit for all of our associates. His role has been integral to Corporate Office Operations, Payroll Production, and all Human Resource Management. In 2017 he was promoted to Assistant Vice President and added the consequential responsibilities of Labor Relations. Because of exemplary work in maintaining the growth of our Human Resource efforts while solidifying dynamic relationships with our Union partners, Jason was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations at the end of 2018. He continues to lead our company with innovation and professionalism so that we may attract the best candidates to join our family so as to best service our clients.

Carlos L. Zafra

Vice President Operations, General Manager NYU

Carlos Zafra joined Collins Building Services in 1997 and immediately became an intrinsic part of the management team. Our extensive administrative and operational responsibilities at New York University are led by Carlos each day. In addition, he manages a team that reaches across much of our portfolio. Along with his years of experience, he has worked to acquire exceptional leadership, planning, production skills which he generously shares with many of our managers. This has made Carlos vital to the development of our management team and the propagation of our singular vision. His outstanding energy and commitment to unparalleled client service continues to propel CBS to the highest levels of service in our industry.

Lynette Moore

Assistant Vice President, Accounting

Lynette has been a needful part of the Collins Building Services team for over 14 years. Her commitment to technical advancement has resulted in significant contributions to corporate accounting systems and processes. As part of her varied responsibilities, Lynette creates and administers special response projects, manages and produces audit compliances, and regulates and supervises the accounting of some of the organizations complex and voluminous accounts. In 2017, after demonstrating a dedication and tenacity for the success of the CBS family, Lynette was promoted to her current role as Assistant Vice President of Accounting.

Edward Priboy

Director, Safety & Risk Management

After serving our country in the United States Navy, Ed Priboy devoted his private sector professional career to the building and facilities industry. With an exceptional talent for providing customer service, Ed has contributed by accepting a number of roles within the CBS Operations Senior Management Team since joining the company in 1995. His ability to mentor and his dedication to learning the rigorous requirements associated with safety training and OSHA compliance led to his current responsibilities with our Safety programs at the Director level. In 2010, Ed accepted the complex lead role of managing the partnerships which provide the significant insurance from risk to our company and clients. He has developed his role as Director of Risk Management by using his attention to detail and desire to preserve the resources of our organization so that we may remain competitive as we provide our CBS Excellence to our valued clients.

Our Team

At CBS, we view our employees as our most valuable asset. They are the foundation of our business, and the means by which we achieve our purpose of providing our clients with the best service possible. Inspired by our founder’s words, we care for our associates, so that they can care for you.

CBS is committed to team member development and a culture that promotes retention. Our associates are trained in the CBS Standards of Service, and receive thorough Core, Safety and Specialty Training. With training tailored to each individuals position and responsibility set, we provide a series of levels of central and advanced programs. Our team members are further supported by employee recognition and incentive programs and by opportunities for advancement, education and growth. We are most proud to share with you that many of our team have been a part of our family for a very long time. Our commitment to them and their commitment to our company and culture has resulted in a kind of loyalty that produces the power to achieve our CBS Excellence.

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