Quality Assurance

Collins Building Services, Inc. possesses a unique set of resources to provide an exceptional quality assurance process to our clientele.

Our most foundational resource is the tremendous number of years of experience we have to educate our teams, direct our focus, and author our reports. We benefit from a collection of service professionals whose experience spans six (6) decades. We used our most communicative resource, this tremendous library of knowledge, to formulate our time-tested practices, design our multi-faceted training programs, and compile our customize reporting formats. Our teams are systematically trained in identification and solution skills, allowing our associates to immediately identify obstacles to the superior quality we seek.

Historically, one of the obstacles we identified to proactively ensuring quality was disseminating this vast experiential knowledge to all members of our organization and having it readily available when it was needed.  And so, as we do with all obstacles to excellence in quality, we overcame it.

We added this foundational knowledge to our most agile resource: technology.

Combining our resources: foundational, communicative, and agile, yielded a comprehensive quality assurance process whose essential components include:

Facilities Management Software (FacMan™)

This proprietary, web-based program places the informational needs of our clients and our CBS Management teams at your fingertips by providing:

  • A system for initiating, tracking, and reporting on all work orders, with immediate response capabilities
  • Access to all periodic schedules and inspection reports in real time
  • Client feedback features that allow situations to be reported and remedied immediately
  • Greater responsiveness to each project through enhanced reporting and follow-up features
  • Tracking of quality control trends
  • Customized quality control reports

Our CBS management regularly reviews all resultant data and analyzes trends to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for enhancing services. New or augmented procedures are developed in response and implemented to improve quality. This FacMan™ data is directly integrated into your customized client reports, ensuring complete communication and transparency.

Inspections and Reports

While these reports are presented in FacMan™, we have singled them out as the Foundation of our Quality Assurance Program. Supervisors and managers use our customized inspection and reporting systems daily, weekly, and monthly to generate appropriate feedback available for immediate review; and, most importantly, immediate remedy.

Our typical inspections grade performance on more than thirty (30) items. This information is then used for improvement, solution, and education purposes. In addition, it allows our local management to crosscheck improvement with additional on-site visits.  And it will enable our Senior Management visits to address your facility’s and its users’ current and specific concerns.

Biometric Time Keeping

Accountability and accurate attendance records are essential to maintaining a transparent and confident partnership in your facility. We elevate this process through the use of a biometric time clock system that employs hand-recognition software to record trustworthy reporting of employee arrival to and departure from the designated work site. Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Precise time recordings for more accurate accounting
  • Accurate tracking of special events labor and related costs
  • Establishment of work pattern trends and the elimination of “buddy punching.”
Safety Committee

Regarding quality assurance, the conversation can sometimes be limited to the results. However, we at CBS know that how the results are achieved is just as essential to quality. Our Safety Committee continually assesses, amends, creates, upgrades, and implements all compliance and certification safety guidelines and protocols. This team uses the following action steps:

  • Plan, implement, and review compliance safety programs
  • Verified communication of all safety policies and programs, safety practices and procedures, and committee activities and reports to project managers, supervisors, and employees.
  • Support and assist in all safety training and awareness programs
  • Continual evaluation and implementation of training program improvements and upgrades
  • Support and assist project managers and supervisors with location-specific customization of safety procedures.

Each employee of Collins Building Services, Inc. receives initial and continual training. This includes necessary on-the-job training performed by qualified trainers, usually performed by supervisors or area managers who have risen through our ranks.

Enhanced safety training is also conducted with all associates, including more than forty (40) service and procedural topics from Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to trash handling. This enhanced training is customized to an employee’s specific work location through a process conducted by our Director of Safety. On-site supervision completes enhanced training in all areas serviced by CBS.

Our Director of Safety and Senior management carefully monitors the training at Collins Building Services. We take very seriously quickly disseminating any information regarding new guidelines or requirements. Additional training sessions are created when the nature or volume of the information may warrant. And additional management personnel are mobilized to ensure the timely delivery and implementation of all new information.

Specialized service employees whose responsibilities require a specific skill set received advanced training commensurate with their job requirements. These specialized sessions are conducted by our most experienced and wholly certified trainers. For example, our window washing professionals are completely trained in all OSHA and New York State-required safety procedures by our certified trainers in accordance with the required frequencies and verifications. All of these classes and sessions are documented so that we can provide you with the corroboration you need and require.

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