Providing superior quality cleaning and maintenance services through a commitment to each customer’s individual needs since 1988.


For over 30 years, Collins Building Services (CBS) has provided state-of-the-art, comprehensive planning, procedures and programs to meet the demanding cleaning and maintenance requirements of today’s commercial, medical, technical, educational and financial facilities. We are proud to continually test our sustainably produced GreenSafe cleaning products and refine our procedures for their use to provide you with the latest research and results. Relationships, performance and quality coupled with our rededication to technological advances provide you with a unique opportunity to leverage our long standing traditions enhanced by forward focused results.


Service is at the center of our customer driven business. Although some may perceive what we do as common, we are most aware that our provision of service is integral to a successful user experience at your facility. Every day our products, teams and technology are advancing to better your outcome. By providing a multitude of service choices based on design, material and use, we will identify a combination of solutions to best improve and maintain your premises.
We invite you to review and discuss our host of options in order to customize your results. We take our commitment to provide our clients with superior service very seriously.

Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

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