Our Services

In response to evolving client needs, changing economic trends, innovations in technology, and advances in facility construction and materials, CBS constantly hones, develops, and adds to our complement of services.

To ensure that we are comprehensive in our approach, Collins Building Services maintains the International Sanitary Supply Association’s (ISSA) Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Certification. This industry certification applies to our organization’s management structure, performance systems, and processes. Compliance with this Standard demonstrates that our organization is structured to deliver consistent, quality services.

From general cleaning planning and execution to emergency preparedness and response, we deliver. Here are some of the services we proudly provide:

  • Carpet Care
  • Lamping/Lighting Maintenance
  • Lavatory Maintenance
  • Construction & Move Cleanup
  • Licensed Security Services
  • Data Center Maintenance
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Dedicated Porter/Matron Services
  • Metal, Marble, and Stone Care
  • Diamondizing/Crystallizing Floor Care
  • Sterilization and Disinfection Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Facilities Consulting Services
  • Recycling Services
  • Fire / Flood / Disaster Clean-up
  • Snow Removal
  • Floor Care: Wood, Tile, VCT
  • General Daily/Nightly Cleaning
  • Mechanical Room Maintenance
  • GreenSafe Sustainable Cleaning
  • Interior Glass Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning
  • Kitchen/Pantry Maintenance
  • Fabric Care
  • Customized Client Financial Services
  • Proprietary Web-based Facilities Management
  • Pandemic Planning and Response

Our key service lines include:

Janitorial Services

As a full-service provider for all day and night cleaning needs, CBS delivers a myriad of cleaning services for your facility. All areas, large and small, need to be maintained regularly from the Boardroom to the Storeroom. Our analytics, planning, execution, and inspection processes ensure that all aspects of your facility are maintained daily.

Engineering Services

Protect your facility’s assets with a higher level of maintenance provided by CBS Engineering Services. Our experienced and expertly trained team provides a cost-effective solution tailored for optimal maintenance of your facility. A custom Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan can decrease life-cycle operational costs, extend the lifespan of facility systems, and improve customer satisfaction levels.

GreenSafe Sustainable Cleaning

After reviewing countless hours of research, experimentation, and development, CBS pioneered a program more than a decade ago that today reduces the carbon footprint of more than 140 million square feet of first-class building and facility space across the Tri- State Area. We continue to identify, test, and vet leaders in sustainable product solutions and partner with them to provide the most environmentally friendly cleaning services possible. Our GreenSafe Cleaning fulfills all requirements for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and New York City Green Building regulations.

Window Cleaning

Collins Building Services is proud to maintain our in-house Window Cleaning Division. Identifying and retaining the skilled labor necessary to provide this critical service is a most serious task. We have found that managing these talented individuals is best achieved when they are part of the CBS family. Adhering to the strictest regulatory and safety requirements pertaining to cleaning rigs, safety equipment, and proper licensing and inspection schedules is of the greatest importance. Our Window washing employees are trained and certified in OSHA and New York State safety rules and procedures by our certified trainers in our training facility. We are pleased to share with you the documentation and regimen we use to accomplish this most detailed and specialized service.

Emergency Preparedness

Our in-house Director of Safety and our management team have developed our CBS Emergency Action Plan to provide the most effective critical rapid response. Along with our partners, our preparedness protocols for fires, floods, and natural disasters are researched and customized to each facility.

Specialty Services

CBS, Inc., throughout its history, has continued to develop a Suite of Specialty Services that we confidently offer to you. Precision stone refinishing, detailed metal restoration, and complete pest control, along with Lighting and lamping services, anchor a diverse list of specialty choices and responses at the disposal of each of our clients.

Facility Operations Services

Our facility operations solutions comprise Management Consulting, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, and Licensed Security Services. The CBS investment into these services has sometimes been questioned as easily outsourceable. However, we have chosen to keep them in-house due to the critical nature of the quality necessary in these areas. We are delighted to share our proven track record of delivering industry-leading FOS.