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In 1988 our journey of personal service started with a single porter and a vision: to provide the best service at every level of our organization. Over thirty-one (31) years later, Collins Building Services, Inc. is proud to employ over 3,600 employees across the Tri- State area. These thousands of dedicated professionals provide services committed to that same vision.

As an organization, we are privileged to partner in service with many of our area’s premier businesses, organizations, and institutions. We are committed to these relationships and thus protect the proprietary nature of our partnerships. We do not seek to leverage the brand or success of those who trust us with their work. If you choose to partner with us, you may expect the same respect.

Therefore, while we are tremendously proud to work with our partners, you will not see their logos here. But all of them agreed to us sharing their names and locations personally as they are pleased to endorse our work and discuss it with potential future partners. For that, we are most grateful, and we encourage you to contact us so we may share our stories of this vision being delivered and to whom.

We do wish, however, to provide an idea of the industries where our brand of service has been successful:


The largest amount of facilities space in the Tri-State area is used for Commercial purposes. This description contains many different styles and types of facilities, and CBS, Inc. has the diversity of services to accommodate them all. From traditional offices to warehouse space, retail space to technical research and development offices, we have time-tested plans to maintain your space and the references to earn the opportunity. We will be happy to describe them to you.


The growing presence of conglomerated organized healthcare groups in our area has allowed CBS’ personalized service to flourish as their partner. We deliver to these healthcare providers the careful performance necessary in their highly trafficked and exceedingly sensitive facilities. Special handling of hazardous waste, the constant review of OSHA Standards, and strict adherence to Sanitation protocols are all skills we have honed through our experience with these institutions. Of note, also, is the growing response needed from a human resource and management response. Many of these healthcare providers are growing and adding facilities weekly, requiring CBS, Inc. to use its vital resources to provide uninterrupted and complete service.


We at CBS, Inc. consider it a particular honor that we get to contribute to the facilities in the area dedicated to the higher education of our next generation of Americans. Understanding the importance of maintaining a space so that structure may be discovered and organized thinking may flourish is central to success in these environments. A reinforced awareness of the safety and protection necessary in these environments is of tantamount importance. Several Universities and Colleges in the Tri-State area have chosen Collins Building Services as the best way to service their students and campuses.

Sports and Entertainment

Collins Building Services maintains two of our region’s prominent large arenas and a few small ones. There is a good chance that you have attended an event at one or several of them. This type of service is highly specialized, requiring innovative staffing techniques and a special Human Resource presence to maintain a large pool of employees to respond to the ever-changing schedules associated with the Sports and Entertainment Community. We have been most successful in developing these venues’ unique processes and attracting the supervision with the skill set needed for such a specialized facility.


The scheduling and user expectations of Residential Properties is much different from commercial space. The plans, procedures, and personnel must be designed with sensitivity and awareness that it touches people’s homes. CBS, Inc. is proud that we have recently increased our involvement in more residential properties. We are encouraged that accomplished developers see an excellent fit between our management style and vision and the expectations of their renters and owners.


Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

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