• Carpet Care

• Conference Room Cleaning
• Construction & Move Cleanup

• Data Center Maintenance

• Dedicated Porter/Matron Services

• Diamondizing/Crystallizing Floor Care

• Engineering Services

• Fabric Care
• Floor Care
- including wood, tile, VCT

• Interior Glass Maintenance

• Kitchen/Pantry Maintenance

• Lavatory Maintenance

• Licensed Security Services

• Lighting Maintenance

• Management Consulting Services

• Pest Control Services

• Recycling Services

• Snow Removal

• Specialty Metal & Stone Maintenance

• Utility Room Maintenance

• Wall Maintenance



How We Serve


Comprehensive and state-of-the-art, CBS’s proprietary programs
and procedures meet the demanding cleaning and maintenance requirements of today’s commercial, medical, technical and financial space. We continually test and refine our sustainable GreenSafe cleaning products and procedures to provide you with the advantages of the latest technology, research and performance results.


In response to client needs, government regulations and the
changing market, we develop and hone additional services,
ranging from specialty work and emergency preparedness to enhanced recycling, lamping and integrated pest control.


Our key service lines include:


General Cleaning

As a full-service provider for all day and night cleaning needs,
we provide more than 30 types of cleaning services for your facility-
from the boardroom to the reception area and all spaces in between,
including a full range of special-function facilities, and façade and
related services for exterior premises.


GreenSafe Sustainable Cleaning

After hundreds of hours of research and testing, we pioneered
this program more than a decade ago and today bring its carbon
footprint-reducing benefits to more than 100 million square feet
of prime buildings across Manhattan and the Tri-State area.

We continue to test, refine and partner with leaders in the

sustainability field so that your premises are cleaned in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. GreenSafe also fulfills

all requirements for LEED and New York City’s green building



Window Washing

This comprehensive CBS program covers the cleaning of all interior
and exterior window and glass surfaces using environmentally-friendly
products. We adhere to the strictest regulatory and safety requirements regarding rigs, related safety equipment, and licensing. All employees
are trained and certified in OSHA and New York State safety rules and


Emergency Preparedness

Our Safety Committee puts a premium on providing the most effective emergency services on a timely basis and has developed the CBS
Emergency Action Plan, pandemic preparedness protocols and more
to ensure your facility is covered for conditions ranging from fire and
floods to disaster clean-up and pandemic events.

Specialty Services

Special surfaces demand special care and CBS has crafted custom
services to maintain your unique surfaces in optimum condition.

All of our specialty services, such as pest control, reflect specific

building or client needs and continue to be developed as circumstances demand. Among the services offered are fabric care, lamping and lighting maintenance, metal, marble and stone cleaning, and pest control.


Facility Operations Services

Collins Building Services’ Facilities Operations solutions include Management Consulting, Engineering, and Licensed Security Services. As with all CBS services, our staffing models are customizable based on client needs and requirements in order to provide high-quality performance. CBS is New York based; therefore we truly understand local market demands and trends. Our regional experience and expertise have demonstrated a proven and recognized track record of delivering impactful and industry-leading services to each client.

Our GreenSafe protocols, products and staff training cover the full range of cleaning needs, from all facets of floor care to carpet care, blinds, restrooms and more.

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